Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Slain demon

Hello dear viewer,

Last night I was feeling a bit unproductive, felt I was losing my muse. I've been playing a lot of the Devil May Cry HD Collection lately, and with that came thoughts of Maximo, a forgotten gem of the old PS2 era. Also, some friends of mine were showcasing some pretty impressive inked pieces, which compelled me to do something a little creative with these ideas. 

Rather than just listening to the soundtracks of those games, which would've just led to me doing fanart, I decided to listen to the Overture from Jesus Christ Superstar on loop without a single pause. Something unrelated to keep me working from my head alone. I did this in 3 hours straight, no breaks. 


It was a good little psychological exercise, seeing how my brain pieced things together. A little bit on the gross side but the human squirting out of the demon's side was an unfortunate victim from earlier. During the demon's last moments, he was on the verge of vomiting him out. The barf ended up getting clogged up and eventually burst through the side. Eww...

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